Press Quotes

“His solos were exemplary in their fluidity and lyricism. He delights in showcasing his guitar mastery before an audience." UK Jazzwise

“This beautiful collaboration, offers further evidence for Shepik as one of the most consistently creative and stimulating guitarist-composers on the scene today" Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

“a breath of fresh air"- Punchland on the album"Top Down"

“A thoughtful composer and sensitive player player with a keen ear for harmony and rhythmic nuance" Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

"Guitarist Brad Shepik was the bright spot of the evening - his solos were consistently bright, inventive and cliche free and his choice of chords was always interesting" Ian Mann, Cheltenham Jazz Review

“Shepik’s got the mind of a pioneer. The rhythmic complexity of his compositions has few parallels in jazz -or any other genre, for that matter. With all his exotic influences, and all his different axes, he makes us rethink what it means to be a guitarist and a musician. There’s no telling where he’ll go next."

“Human Activity Suite" (Songlines), the absorbingly eclectic new album by the guitarist Brad Shepik, harnesses folk traditions from across the world to make a light-handed statement about global warming". Nate Chinen, New York Times

“Shepik is one of the new jazz players who have redefined the “creative" or avant-garde side of the music in a way that is challenging but also beautiful and fun."
—Will Layman, Popmatters Music Review