as a leader:
Brad Shepik Organ Trio "Top Down" (JLC 2016)
Shepik/Samworth Quartet 1991 (Songlines 2016)
Brad Shepik Quartet "Across the Way" (Songlines 2011)
Brad Shepik "Human Activity Suite" (Songlines 2009)
Brad Shepik Trio “Places You Go" (Songlines) 2007
Lingua Franca “Lingua Franca" (Songlines) 2005
Brad Shepik Trio “Drip" (Knitting Factory Records) 2003
Brad Shepik Trio “Short Trip" (Knitting Factory Records) 2001
Brad Shepik "The Well" (Songlines) 2000
Brad Shepik and the Commuters "The Loan" (Songlines) 1997

with Tom Beckham/Brad Shepik Duo
Flower Starter 2015

with Combo Nuvo
"Far Away from Home" 2015
"One World Suite" 2017

with Jamie Baum
"In this Life" Sunnyside 2014

with George Schuller's Circle Wide
"Listen Both Ways" (Playscape 2012)
"Like Before, Somewhat After" (Playscape 2008)

with Alexis Cuadrado Quartet
"Puzzles" (BJU Records) 2008

with Adam Klipple "Blackjack" 2008

with Mr. Lucky:
“Homing" (Loveslave) 2006

with Tridruga :
"Tridruga" (Loveslave) 2000

with Dave Douglas
"Songs For Wandering Souls" (Winter & Winter) 1999
"Live in Europe"(Arabesque) 1997
"Constellations" (Hat Hut) 1995
"The Tiny Bell Trio" (Songlines) 1994

with Pachora:
“Astereotypical" (Winter & Winter) 2003
"Ast" (KFW)2000
"Unn" (KFW)1999
"Pachora" (KFW)1997

with Paradox Trio:
“Gambit" (Enja) 2005
"Source" (KFW)1999
"Flying at a Slant" (KFW)1997
"Paradox Trio" (KFW)1996

with Yuri Yunakov:
"New Colors in Bulgarian Wedding Music" (Traditional Crossroads) 1996

with BABKAS:
"Fratelli" (Songlines) 1997
"Ants to the Moon" (Songlines) 1995
"BABKAS" (Songlines) 1994

with Paul Motian:
"The Electric Be Bop Band" (JMT) 1993
"Flight of the Bluebird" (Winter & Winter) 1996

with Andy Laster:
"Polyogue" (Songlines) 1996

with Nils Wogram:
"New York Conversations" (Mons) 1996

with Owen Howard:
"Pentagon" (Koch) 1995
"Sojourn" (Koch) 1996

with Ken Schaphorst:
"Purple" (Naxos) 1999
"How to Say Goodbye" 2016

with Oscar Noriega:
“Luciano’s Dream" (Omnitone) 2000